Friday, August 29, 2014


Well hello.

Its been a while since my last post. I think the last time would be around, 2010 when the era of blogging is at its peak. Im no longer a student, am about to move on for my second job and am moving back to Kuching.

Goodbye Trac Wheels, hello to new company.

People say they will miss the school days once they are working. Well not me. But I noticed I then had much more problems compared to the ones I had when I was still a student. I guess, thats the only part that I missed being a student.

Trac Wheels is a company which supplies and maintains KALMAR Container Straddle, and its main office is at Sibu. Thats why, I am in Sibu for the past 4 months and as a maintenance engineer, I am responsible to supervise the maintenance jobs and other misc items for Sibu port. But I personally think that the Assistant Engineers here in Trac Wheels are only doing office or clerical jobs. Which is why I think my decision to quit this company is some how making sense.

Not criticising my old company, but taking 3 months to take your Assistant Engineer seriously is kind off too long. We will lose interest in this company if we didnt see any benefit coming to us in let say, 2 months. And we will start looking for new jobs and next thing you know, we are already sending in our resignation letter!

I wish for a job which requires me to be busy utilising my engineering skills. That way, I dont mind spending long hours working. Don't we all want that? Of course I understand the gravity of the reality in Malaysia, whereby fresh grad engineers will not be applying most of their engineering knowledge once they are working, but isn't that one of the many things we need to change?

Few more days and I will be in my new workplace in Kuching. I hope I can utilise my engineering skills in the new company. Or if not, another profession change perhaps?

By the way. I promise to keep this log alive. As long as I have the time and inspiration to keep it alive of course!

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