Friday, September 12, 2014

Off the new gadgets and other things that I don't understand why people are obsessed about

Oh don't worry. I am not going to review on that new phone in town. In fact, I was wondering how stupid can a person be when it comes with obsession with new stuffs. Recent reads shows that in some part of this world, some people are forming a queue for as early as days before the new launching of that new phone. And then the glamour and the blings of the Keynote addressed by that new Apple boss which I am not sure what is his name (or is it Tim something) which inspires millions of people to start saving for the sake of purchasing that new product. 
I had learnt in Marketing class whereby a product can sustain in the market based on their customers. They are called the "Championers", whereby if I'm not mistaken, those are the people who really helps selling a brand. They are so convinced that this brand that they are championing, is the ultimate brand. 

Well speaking of phones. Do you recently have group chats specially for family members only? Who are the regular posters of that group chat, your mum or dad? How frequent do your parents hold their phones in a day, is it like as frequent as you? 
I have an issue with grownups who are obsessed with their phones. They are not supposed to be as obsessive as younger people to be honest. In fact, they do not belong to the crowd which spend a lot of time on social media. 
My dad spend a lot of time on his phone. And his laptop. Facebooking and all. While I myself spend such minimal time on those. 
My ex-H.R manager spends most of his time on his phone. Knowing that it is possible he needs to reply emails, I ignored his bad habit. Until during this one time, I passed by his back and discovered he was on Facebook, while we had our staff meetings. 

I've read before that Albert Einstein did mention something about his fear, that one day we are controlled by technology, or technology makes us a different individual, something like that.